Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Working with colour

Winter calls for bright colours but how much is too much? Adding just a pop of colour will make your outfit stand out and beat the blues.
Here is how to work red:
 Mix red with gray

Or team it with black:
Glam up your neutrals by adding red
Get inspired by art to add a dash of colour
Or just add different shades of  the same colour for interest
blue alone or with other colours

Or shades of black
Have a great time with your winter outfits!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Steal Yourself Some Movie Star Glamour

Deepika's character, Tara in Tamasha has a distinctive modern yet desi style.
Here are some ideas on how to translate her style for everyday wear:-

Steal some other 'loks'frromyour favourite movie characters. I love Lauren Bacall's and Ingrid Bergman's classy style. Anne Hathaway gets it right in the 'Intern' and Keira Knightley's Anna inspiresthe trendy Victorian look. Have a peep:-

Have a good week!