Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Parables for our times

Once upon a time, there lived, in a far country on which the sun shone hotly most of the time, a poor mother and daughter. The daughter was a very bright girl, so bright that the light which shone from her eyes rivaled the sun and dazzled all round her. After a time, when the girl had reached the age of thirteen, the light became so bright, that it blinded the folk of her village and they could not bear to have something so bright shining on them all day. The elders of the village held council and decided that she should go forth from the village and find a place where she could live without disturbing others. The poor mother cried and pleaded, but truth to tell, she found her little girl trying, so many questions did she ask and so brightly did her light shine- but the one saving grace was that she did not need a lamp or fire- so bright and incendiary was her little girl’s light. “What will I do now for light, cried the mother, how will my little girl live, foe she’s still very young? “ The mother tried to appeal to their mercy. But mercy was a quality unknown to the elders so they rolled up their mats and turned their back on the pair. It was with a sad heart, the mother watched her little girl walk away in a pool of light. She went inside and shut the door- she wished she could have walked with her but there was a home to care for and keep until her daughter called for her.