Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Wear A Dress Or Skirt In The Fall

The weather is getting cooler and a dress might not provide all the warmth you want. However,the dressor skirt is too versatile to give up entirely. Here are some ideas on wearing your pretty dresses/skirts for the fall:-
 with boots
 Layer it and mix prints
 Plaid and street style for a youthful look
 You can even pile on the layers with shorts,if you keep to a colour
 spooky chic with gray
 all-over black- trendy
 fur and boots
 Victorian steampunk is very trendy now
 Plaid and flowers
 lace and heavy boots for ringing in the changes
 ombre and flowers- pencil skirt with a sloucy sweater and coat for a retro look
 All the autumn colours
 wool, lace and leather, orangea nd pink for fall

 print on print for fall trend in autumn colours
 Very 70's and trendy
 oots and  deep pink
colours that mimic a flower garden with clunky boots
butter on wheat toast- retro style.